Trailer Servicing, Repairs and Overhaul


At Bo Steel, we built trailers, modified trailers and carry everything that we make on one so we know a bit about how to keep them road worthy. Below are a few of the services we provide to keep your road hauling of sand, cement, vintage tractors and prize bulls...SAFE!

Brakes - inspection, adjustment and overhaul



For trailers over 750kg (Category O2), a service brake, parking break and a device capable of stopping the trailer if it becomes detached from the towing vehicle are all required - Road Safety Authority.


Like all other vehicles, these brakes need to be checked, repaired and adjusted from time to time. We can do this work and ensure your trailer is safe on the road.


Call now and arrange a FREE trailer health check! 091 634040


Winter or summer, its important to be seen on the road. We offer a range of LED lights and wiring to make sure you well illuminated on the road.


One handy modfication is to use a Suze lead to connect to your vehicle. 

1. Its strechy so it won't rub off the road.

2. It can be removed when not in use ( so the connector is not sitting in a puddle of water!

3. it can also be stored in the warmth of the vehicle to prevent the connections from corroding.


Floor replacement

We can replace your rotton floor with aluminum, resin coated birch ply (Buffalo Board) or larch timber.