Your only a statistic when your dead!

Yes, that is a fact. Statistics don't count the near misses, the bruised bodies and broken limbs. Its been a busy week on the phone and the talk is of cattle crushes and safety. A nice man from Mayo gave me a long list of items for his crush and he was counting the cost. I told him the money would be of little good if he got injured from a bad cattle crush. He went on to tell me of the 5 weeks he spent in hospital last year after falling though a roof and delivered the punchline above.

The whole story just goes to show how important it is to take precautions, check out your current facility and ask your self 'Is it good enough for the day I am here on my own?'

Call us for advice on 091 634040, check out our offers on Donedeal or you can now buy our anti backing bars online, a simple piece of equipment that can make an instant difference.

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