Declan O'Sullivan gates

Declan O'Sullivan is a blacksmithing enthusiast that found our blog and has gotten in contact. Delcan's family have been blacksmiths for a number of generations. The set of gates featured here were made by his grandfather in 1916. Delcans own description of the gates:

'I have attached a couple of pictures below of the gate my Granfather Tom O’Sullivan made in 1916. It’s the usual style, but what make it more personal to me is the shamrock punch on the top of each vertical bar. And of course the family name stamp T.OSULLIVAN in the latch. There are a few celtic cross stamps here and there too. But my favorite is the shamrock. The punch when new even had the detailed veins in the leaf. If you look closely you can see them. They made all these punches themselves, I think they are a little work of art. God only knows what has been dumped out as “scrap” from derelict forges? And the nice “penny scrolls” as they are called, in the centre.

Sorry for the poor quality picture esp of the overall gate. I must try get a proper one. I was glad to see you had an interest in the old gates like myself, I can't help but stop and look at any one I see. I find myself imagining the great old men working with the handmade punches and riveting by the fire.


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